The all-weather, all-terrain, portable sports light.

Get the light that goes anywhere you do, is lightweight, easy-to-carry and lights up 4x as much as the competition.


Never have to worry about battery power, charge, gasoline or electric outlets again.


The Sports Field Light was designed for the outdoors. Wind, rain and off-roading are no problem for this light. FINALLY - you can leave the bulky, expensive, noisy, smelly generator at home. Simply connect the light to your trailer-hitch outlet on your vehicle and light up the sports field. Great for fishing, hunting, sporting events, beach getaways and even backyard barbecues!


Professional-Grade Lighting

Lighting that goes anywhere you do and can illuminate your field, no matter where it is. If you can drive there, you can play there.


Rotate. Adjust. Go.

Rotate the lights exactly where you need them; adjust your field of light in less than 5 seconds. Ready, set…GO!


Where does your sport take you?

The Sports Field Light will go there too.

10 years and thousands of dollars spent on a solution that didn’t work. We even bought 4 of one brand but battery charging for a minimum of 12 hours each and flimsy frames sent us elsewhere. The Sports Field Light fixed it all. Our first winter of outdoor training saved us over $3200 in facility rental fees!
— Jeremie Piette, Global Futbol Training

Play, on demand.